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The tutoring industry is experiencing an explosive growth in the U.S. due to the students not being able to completely understand and learn what they are expected to learn in class. The problem is that the current focus of our high school and college level teachings is on memorization and “exam night tricks” only designed to complete specific courses.

Students may receive grades that look good on paper, but few actually learn the material. The solution is to provide a training that incorporates basic tools and knowledge that could be applied to various fields; in other words, the method used in higher educational training. Our vision is to bring the logic of higher education into high school and college learning, helping students rely more on themselves over time. This way, even when they have difficulty understanding a concept in class, they don’t lose confidence and feel the urgency for a tutor to resolve their problem.

Our goal is to help students achieve self-reliance by emphasizing on the methods of independent learning as the core of any educational program.

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We specialise in and cater to both Long-Term and Short-Term mentoring services.

• Short-Term: For students who need assistance on a short notice basis (preferably 3 months or more) to prepare for an event/exam/assessment or simply to just get a better grip on a certain area of the academic course.

• Long-Term: For students who need proper mentorship and grooming in a course throughout the academic year (preferably 12 months or more) for a complete understanding and a strong grip on the paradigm, foundation and knowledge of the academic course to achieve more than their targeted yearly scores and to prepare them for their preferred colleges and universities.

• Data Analytics Training: For those individuals who seek training in beginner to intermediate level data analytics skills for potential employment opportunities.



We cover precalculus, calculus, algebra, trigonometry, differential equations, linear algebra, probability and statistics for middle school, high school and college level.



We cover all areas of middle school, high school and college level physics.


Data Analytics

We cover basic to intermediate level of core data analytics skills including numerical computation, machine learning, applied statistics and R/Python programming.

Message From The Tutor


Hey there! My name is Mohsen and I help students become their own Mentors.

I spent my entire life in academia, as a student and as a teacher. I received my Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering back in my home country Iran, came to the US to get my PhD in Physics from New York University and then eventually started working as a data scientist after graduation. I have worked with hundreds of students throughout these years, in two different countries, in class and in private tutoring, and I have taught them in nearly all major STEM fields.

The dependency on out of school training is a heavy burden on the students, their families and the educational system. Students keep looking for an “expert” to teach them what they think they cannot learn by themselves. What they probably don’t know is that in many cases tutors themselves learn the content right before the class. If a tutor can do that, then a student should be able to do it as well. Students, in general, believe that there is something that is stopping them from achieving their targets and hence they start searching for an expert to help them out, but little do they know that the assistance they need is already available to them, by themselves, and I merely help them to make that Realization.

I started StemHood to share with my students what I have learned throughout my journey. I have utmost faith in my ability to help them realize that education is not about memorizing stuff, it’s not about leaning tricks and shortcuts to get a good grade either and it’s not even about effectively understanding a material. The essential core of education is about learning how to learn.

Mohsen Arabgol
StemHood, Head Tutor & Founder.






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  • Shannon Hastings

    Mohsen is a patient, descriptive and easy-to-understand teacher! I’ve tried to learn R a few different times and really got the hang of it after his classes. Mohsen is flexible with scheduling which was very helpful. I appreciate that Mohsen always gives practice problems and answers questions with real-life examples. I highly recommend!

    – From: Shannon Hastings.

  • Jonah Murphy

    What most separates Mohsen from other tutors is his ability to teach advanced concepts so clearly and yet in far more depth than other tutors. He is uniquely able to choose problems of increasing depth, according to an individual student’s [evolving] ability. His method allowed me to not only know exactly how well I really understood a concept and thus remember it, and not only to gain greater facility with each particular concept, but also to get much better at solving problems – learning how to approach them – in general. Also very importantly, Mohsen was always extremely kind and patient, and he understood me really well. He knew exactly how far to push me so that I always got the most out over every lesson.

    – From: Jonah Murphy.

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